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It’s that time of year and yet again I am jaunting off on retreat for a fortnight. I won’t be back until 27th June. So I thought I would leave you with my Top Ten most liked poems as chosen by you! But… then I looked, and there were some real crackers in positions 11 to 15 – so I thought I’d cheat and include those too! I hope you enjoy reading them and I will return soon, hopefully with some new gems 🙂

Click on the title to take you to the original poem 🙂 Enjoy!!

1. Soldier On 

2. The Cat Sat On The Mat

3. Carole Withany

4. Tipping Sheep (the right way)

5. First Love

6. Silhouettes and Soliloquies

7. WoMan Flu

8. Thistledown

9. Mum

10. Calculating Cuddles

11. Murmuration

12. Sybarites

13. Black Rose

14. Child Within

15. Big Pants

Photo Credit : http://9laughs.com/go-on-without-me/