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I’m hiding in the shadows,

it’s where I long to be,

drifting into dreamscapes,

singing sad soliloquies.


I have my other life, you see?

I’ve lived it since a child;

It’s not quite real – that I know,

but I’ve lived it for a while.


The daytime is the hardest,

a cruel life chased by death;

but night time is so easy,

sleep brings immortal breath.


What’s real, what’s not?

Well who’s to say?

Each one its own delusion,

by night the moon –

by day the sun –

each life is an illusion.


Shadows play upon my mind,

ghosts welcome setting sun;

silhouettes of dreams gone by

half-lives, loves-lived, undone.


So let me go, and leave me be,

to live each night anew.

I’ll sing my sweet soliloquies,

while dreams bring me to you.



© Silhouettes and Soliloquies 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

The Eerie Cold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)