All About Alex

Alexandra was born in Chesterfield in Derbyshire. In the mid 1980’s she moved to Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Alexandra started writing poetry many years ago, often keeping ideas, words, and verses penned in the backs of diaries, journals, scribbled on envelopes, bits of paper, and on her  phone.

Growing up surrounded by such beautiful rolling countryside has definitely inspired my writing.

Alexandra works as a freelance British Sign Language Interpreter.

 Interpreting is more than a job, it is a vocation; everyone has a story to tell.  I love communication, books, language and words.

As a practicing Buddhist; in May 2011 she was privileged to have a meeting with Sangharakshita – the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order. He inspired her to take her writing seriously and sowed the seeds for the beginning of a poetry blog. This meeting combined with encouragement from friends and other writers, led to the start of the, ‘ Worldly Winds’ blog.  At present the poetry on her blog mainly has a theme of, ‘longing and loss’.

Poetry is my passion and burns brightly within. I cannot imagine ever being in a situation where I am not scribbling down some wisdom, or inspiration that has come to me.

I like the idea of blogging my work, as it enables people to access poetry, and maybe even inspire them to write.  My blog has only been live for a short time, and already I am touched by how many people have viewed my work, taken the time to leave comments and even follow my poems and verses; I find it a humbling experience.

My ramblings are based on my personal experiences from my weird and wonderful life;

My mother used to joke that my life story would make a best-selling trilogy for Catherine Cookson, and even then it would be considered too unbelievable.
Poetry is innate, and it would be nice to leave a small thumbprint somewhere in this universe, before I continue onward with my transcendental travels!


Alex has been published in many anthologies and online journals such as, Silver Birch Press, Dagda Publishing, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Yellow Chair Review, The Wait, Three Drops Press, and The Blue Hour.

She has written and published three anthologies,

Tipping Sheep (the right way) – 2013

Counting Magpies – 2015

Parris – 2018


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  1. Nice to meet you!

  2. Thank you for liking my poems on my poetry blog – it is very encouraging.
    Really like your stuff too…

  3. So glad i found your blog. =0)
    Thank you for visiting Veggiewitch today. ♥

  4. Hello Alex,
    It is a pleasure for me to nominate you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please go to my post of May 6 for more information, and also visit
    I look forward to reading more on your blog.
    ~ Paul

  5. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by today – glad you liked it 🙂 Will definitely be back to visit your lovely blog. See you soon! 😀

  6. I am grateful to have connected with your blog. Your words are truly eloquent!

  7. Thank You for liking and commenting on my blog. It is very encouraging, especially as I do like your poetry so very much.


    • You are most welcome Angelika (what a beautiful name – definitely a poet’s name!!)
      Keep going – on wards and upwards – you have a talent and a skill – share it with the world 🙂

  8. Alexandra, please accept my nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger award!! Thank you for your inspiration!

  9. I thought you would be pleased that I have added you to my blogroll of honour!

  10. I have nominated you for “The Beautiful Blogger Award”.

  11. Aw thank you so much 🙂
    I am so overwhelmed by the response I’ve had over this weekend – Thank you 🙂
    I will try and post tomorrow – Need to look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow 😀
    Thank you for the warmest welcome – I’m sure I will be a regular visitor!!!
    Thank you for the nomination :)))

  12. I nominated you for Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award. Please check out my site to accept the award. Congrats!

  13. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and that I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

  14. It is really quite wonderful to be introduced to a “new world” , a Worldly Winds of magic and enchantment. Virginia

  15. Thank you for following Rezich Family Kitchen, we are so glad you found us, it lead us back to you and your amazing work. We’ll be following so we can catch up on what we’ve missed and and read everything new. Love your site.

  16. nutsfortreasure said:

    I have nominated you for this award. You always inspire me xo

  17. nutsfortreasure said:

    It’s AWARD TIME once again! Congrats come get yours here:

  18. adrianduque89 said:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  19. Hi, I nominated you for the The Sisterhood Blogger Award. Here is a link so you can accept if you want.

  20. Hey Alex, Thank you for dropping in and reading the note 🙂

    warm regards from Munich.

  21. Lovely! I enjoyed reading your blog. And oh, BTW, Alexandra is such a beautiful name. 🙂

  22. Thank you Dear Alex for visiting my blog and needless to say for driving me to visit your garden… Look forwrad to look around … 😊

  23. Nice and poetic blog, Alexandra! Thanks for following “Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean”. 🙂

  24. Thank you for following my blog. You are now listed as one of my amazing followers on my blog’s sidebar. I love poems and poetry and I m a trying hard poet. Your poems will certainly inspire me to try even harder.

  25. Hi Alex

    Great to meet a fellow poet. Writing can be a pretty lonely experience and so it is wonderful to have a forum to meet and share with others who are sharing a similar journey.

    Like you I have been scribbling verses for years and a pen and a notebook are my most faithful of friends. They have helped me through countless tricky times over the years and helped me work through some difficult emotions. I don’t know about you but when I have written a poem I seem to have made an emotional shift so my poetry writing has helped me to avoid saying and doing things in the world that I know would have caused myself and others hurt.

    Good luck with the Anthology. I look forward to keeping in touch.


    • Hi Corinne
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      Likewise it is great to meet and chat with other writers and poets!
      I am quite a solitary person, at times, so writing suits me down to the ground – I can escape from the world, for a while, take stock and re-emerge hopefully wiser and stronger! Writing can be very cathartic!

      The anthology is going slowly, as I am struggling to edit down the amount of poems!! Hehe – I will get there! In the mean time there is, ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and anthology by 23 writers is to be released by Dagda Publishing on 17th December – Yay!!

      Keep scribbling!!

      Alex 🙂

  26. I nominated you for 2012 Blog of the Year. Please go to my page to find out more.

  27. Thank you for following littlemisswordy and welcome! 🙂

  28. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and subscribing. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to sharing more with you in future. Bella

  29. Thanks for following my blog. I’ve posted lots of Christmas cookies lately. Hope you enjoy.

  30. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog! It means a lot to me. I will be following yours as well for I find your work intriguing! 😀

  31. Nice to meet you and interesting that you interpret signing, I was a teacher of the deaf a long time ago. Now I’m a buddhist and I see you are too. Wow, so I just thought that was a coincidence…

  32. thanks for stopping by!

  33. Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

  34. Thank you very much for following my blog. Now I proud about my self, because a poet following my blog. Thanks a lot and all the best for your all works…

  35. Hi Alex,
    Thank you so much for stopping my blog and following 😃 I appreciate ❤
    Y poem you have . Looking forward to see more your posts😃

  36. It’s nice to meet you Alex. My wife is from Sheffield – and she’s studying BSL. Maybe you two should get together next time we’re in Yorkshire.

    • Wow! What a beautiful small world! Would be fantastic to meet her – Good luck to you wife with the BSL studies, it isn’t easy especially in this economic climate! I had to travel country wide to gain my interpreting qualification.
      if ever she needs any help or advice, then keep me in mind 🙂

  37. To follow your muse is not easy but to follow your soul on a Spiritual journey can be amazing. Glad to have seen you visit my site.

  38. Wow – thank you very much indeed 🙂

  39. Thanks Alex for your bright smile, and I loved your ABOUT page! Debb

  40. Nice meeting you while visiting my blog. Thought I’d stop by & visit you too. Will be seeing you around my reader as I now follow your posts.

  41. Nice to know you, Alex 😀

  42. Hi Alex

    My name is Kevin Gillespie, I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev though. :).

    I live in Cardiff, Pleased to meet you. :).

    Thank You for Following my Blog, MUCH Appreciated. :),

    I am now also Following your Blog. :).

    Best Wishes. 🙂

    • Hi Kev
      Thank you for taking the time to visit, follow and leave a lovely comment – always much appreciated!
      I live in Sheffield and I am sure from time to time you will see me popping by your page 🙂

  43. A little recognition for all that you do

    love and light

  44. Jueseppi B. said:

    I am curious: When I 1st started blogging, I was all into collecting as many awards as I could get and felt pride when getting them but that changed recently. I found it time consuming to blog about the latest award and I found it a bit braggadocios…I also broke all the award rules because I enjoyed paying awards forward to 50 or 60 nominees at a time.

    Why did you stop accepting award, what changed for you?

    • Hi
      Probably very similar to you – I found that they were a bit like the chain letters and became very time consuming, the more you participated the more you received.

      I also had an incident where inadvertently I upset someone because I forwarded the award to others not realising that they had changed all the wording of the award. They felt upset that I had sent it on to others without changing it back (which was hard as I didn’t know what it was before it had been changed.) – at that point I realised that the awards could be a bit of a minefield and was too time consuming.

      If I get an award nowadays – I politely thank the person and visit their blog, say thank you again and leave it at that.

      I hope that answers your question?
      Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the interesting question!


  45. Hi Alex, Thank you for the follow! I hope you could relate to my words.

    I love your poems and your writing style. It is straight from your heart.

    Keep writing & stay connected!

    ~Lots of love, Deepa

  46. Thank you kindly for dropping by our site, we’d be happy to showcase your poetry should you want to share. If so our submission and theme pages explain everything. 🙂

  47. Thank you for keeping a very wonderful blog! More power, and I wish you all the best! Aloha = )

  48. Lurker here, and paying it forward by presenting you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Information on the rules for accepting are here:

  49. Thank you for liking my post on Victorian Doubt. You have some beautiful poetry here. It’s a pleasure.

  50. Thanks for liking my poem, Spectrum.
    Enjoyed several of yours and the photos are arresting.

  51. Thanks for looking in my blog. The poem you liked was just based on my observations of life. I couldn’t bare not being close to either of our children, which was in fact the point of an earlier poem, Family (

    I love your work and I’ll be popping in from time to time if you don’t mind. 🙂

  52. Hi Alexandra, thanks for dropping by my blog! Those bossy muses are everywhere, eh!

  53. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking it. I enjoy your writings, they are very thought provoking with much depth.

  54. Hey thanks for liking my art biog

  55. Wow, you have done amazing things. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.

  56. Hi Alex, it is really nice to meet you. You’re an inspiration. And thank you also for visiting and liking my posts.

  57. KorubettosHaiku said:

    Hello Alex, thank you for stopping by my blog. Congratulations on your awards : )

  58. Thanks for the visit!

  59. Thank you for liking our blog post ‘Boudhanath, Katmandu – A Photo Essay’ at, your blog looks great, I am now following!

  60. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post. I find it curious that I often discard ideas in writing, knowing that, although they may have a basis in real life, no one would believe them.

  61. Good Evening Alex, I am grateful for your kind words, WT.

  62. Alex. Thankyou for stopping by my blog.
    Always good to see the Yorkies playing their part 🙂
    Best of luck

  63. bjsscribbles said:

    Found your blog by chance and decided to follow interesting work.

  64. What a gorgeous “about” page. This particularly rang true to me: “… it would be nice to leave a small thumbprint somewhere in this universe,” That sums up nicely why I blog, too.

  65. Congratulations, Alex!

    I have nominated your blog for the Real Neat Blog Award.

    More about this nomination is at:

  66. How nice to meet you, Alex. I’m finding your poetry so lovely to read and your blog a good place to explore. Best wishes, Mary

  67. Hello Alexandra! It’s nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m looking forward to reading some of your poetry. 😀

  68. I came across your blog via a mutual blogger (love finding new writers this way!). I’m really enjoying your writing and look forward to reading more!! 🙂

  69. Jahnavi Chintakunta said:

    Hi Alex, Loved your introduction. Looking forward to reading your posts

  70. Am so glad to have connected with you. It is good to meet a fellow poet whose inspiration burns clean and bright.

  71. Sorry about probably filling up your notifications with all the “likes” today, lol, I was just catching up on your blog. Wish there was one big “LOVE” button for all of it! What you’ve done with your talent is very inspiring, Alex. I am definitely a fan and look forward to reading more of your work. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you come to create your new anthology and place it on Amazon? I have been wondering how I might put a poetry book of my own together.

    • Hi – aw thank you )blushes (

    • Oops somehow hit send by accident! I’ve done it through a publisher this time. I would recommend using Amazon’s publishing tool. It is easyish to use. Be very wary of Lulu. I used them for my first book and never got a penny of the royalties. Amazon pay periodically and send you a detailed breakdown. Good luck and feel free to ask anything – if I can help I will 🙂

  72. For whatever reason I lost track of your site and am happy to have found it once again. It could be because I have not been well the past couple of years now due to open heart surgery in 2015 and before that severe stress related to work. I am now retired and writing more and am happy to see your site again. I look forward to reading more of your work for you are indeed, a gifted writer.

    • Thank you Renee – I’m so glad we are reconnected! So sorry to hear about your health problems and I hope you are keeping well now. I’m glad you are writing again – I’ve not been putting much on my blog, bot napowrimo has given me a gentle nudge to get it up and running again. I am working on two pamphlets at the moment. Fingers crossed for both of us!!! Alex xxxx

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