This is my third anthology. It is based on the themes of love, longing, loss and death. This collection of poems take inspiration from Irish mythology, Dublin and also from the legendary poet, song writer, and musician ~ Philip Parris Lynott of Thin Lizzy.

His music was pivotal throughout my teenage years and kept me sane and inspired throughout bleak times. This is a tribute to Philip and to all the Thin Lizzy supporters who keep the memories and the legacy alive.

You can purchase a copy directly from me –   If you would like a copy please feel free to message me or leave a comment below.

You can also order a copy from Amazon – the links are below.

Now also available on Kindle too!





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“If you have even a passing interest in Irish myth, rock music in general, Thin Lizzy in particular, or poetry confronting loss and change, you will find a lot to enjoy in this book. My favourite poems here after a first and second read are ‘We Three’, ‘1982’, and ‘Philomena’, but it feels like that could change depending on the day as most of the poems are equally moving. A lovely collection” – Kate Garrett






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