This is an old one and came 2nd place in a competition many moons ago.

Worldly Winds

large flock of canada geese flying in silhouette at twilight, vertical frame

The geese flew north­ward home,
as the rains came down and quenched the ground,
and the winds bemoaned a lullaby.

The trees bowed down their lofty tops,
and the sun­burned leaves fan­dango farewell,
as the geese flew north­ward home.

The rivers rushed down to greet them,
and the curlews cried and cheered them on,
as the geese flew north­ward home.

Ticker tape leaves lay out a parade,
with a car­pet of clouds to has­ten their way,
as the geese flew north­ward home.

They squadroned a skein of for­ma­tions,
and the cur­rents caressed their wings,
The brown and black Peaks, to match their beaks,
as they flew north­wards home.

© Alexan­dra Carr-​​Malcolm 2015

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Worldly Winds

Of the woman –

mother and father to children;

who plastered walls, repaired teddy bears,

ran a business, ran a home, studied,

got a degree, did all three,

strong, independent, confident.

I am glad you are dead

and you did not witness the decay,

of each passing day.

Lone by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm



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Un-Love Poem

Worldly Winds


An un-love poem isn’t a poem of hate, exactly — that might be a bit too shrill or boring. It’s more like a poem of sarcastic dislike. This is a good time to get in a good dig at people who chew with their mouth open, or always take the last oreo. If there’s no person you feel comfortable un-loving, maybe there’s a phenomenon? Like squirrels that eat your tomatoes.

I love thee,

as the dog loves the flea,

as the horse loves the tick,

you make me sick!

© Un-Love Poem 15.04.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


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Juliet’s Blight

Worldly Winds


Holograph clouds

hang in a

blue riband sky

splintered memories

scudding fly

clear cobalt mind

troubled by

those left behind



Indian summers

that never come

loves lived and lost

but never won

twilight transcends

stargazing nights

Juliet’s blight





© Juliet’s Blight 18.05.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Juliet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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March 69 Mum and me

For my Mum…


I looked through the window,

I thought I saw you;

just a hint of a memory

that I wanted to view.


A past life once lived;

a deep memory pain.

I had to control myself

from calling your name.


Her walk was all wrong

and her hair, not the same,

but she had the same clothes

as I saw in my dream.


I followed behind her

and hoped to see

that it really was you

as you used to be.


I knew it was futile

and couldn’t be true;

you’ve been gone these six years,

it couldn’t be you.


© Mum 2012

Alexandra Carr-Malcolm 2012