Worldly Winds Live Chat


Just thought I should let you know that I will be setting up some Facebook Live chats soon. These will take place on my Worldly Winds facebook page.

I will be chatting about books, poetry, stationery and general ramblings! It will be a fun, safe space for all. I might even set up some events where you can buy my books at mates rates!!

If you would like to be a follower, please use the link below to like my Worldly Winds facebook page, and I will keep you all updated! It might be an interesting view as I have never done anything like this before!! Please please follow and share the WorldlyWinds facebook page to take part.

In the words of a non famous poet, you have to be in it to win it, innit?!

Fair Days and Foul

Worldly Winds


My tummy feels like summer,

or a giggle just set free,

like a flitter of lairy butterflies,

or a swarm of buzzy bees.

My heart beats to the rhythm,

of girls who jump the rope,

bouncing like a bright beach ball,

shown on some Oscilloscope.

My mind spins like the waltzer,

at a gaily lit up fair.

My head is full of candy floss,

and kites that surf the air.

If I could catch the essence,

and save a jar or two,

I’d keep them in my cupboard,

for when I’m feeling blue.

© Fair Days and Foul 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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The Feather Vajra

A golden oldie!

Worldly Winds

Emblem of Bhutan

and in her hand she held a feather vajra,

at the core, a gentle beating heart,

around the heart, two eggshell lotus’s cupped,

intertwined like a mother’s hands.

Around a band of unicorns,

four magical, mystical, protectors,

and a vajra made of feathers.

© Feather Vajra 21.08.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Emblem of Bhutan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The vajra, a distinct symbol of Vajrayana The vajra, a distinct symbol of Vajrayana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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As Though…


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Inspired by Ian McMillan’s line,

‘As though a fat cat can be used as a flotation device’

I thought I would have a go at my own version.

As Though…

As though the stars were musical notes

As though a hamster could play a sax

As though her tears are the subtlest perfume

As though a Nun pole dances on a Sunday

As though a fly could open windows

As though a wasp carried a tickling stick

As though gold ingots had a soft centre

As though hands could work unsupervised

As though, at night, I could put my brain in a mug of Steradent

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

As Though April 2020

Inspired by Ian McMillan