As Though…


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Inspired by Ian McMillan’s line,

‘As though a fat cat can be used as a flotation device’

I thought I would have a go at my own version.

As Though…

As though the stars were musical notes

As though a hamster could play a sax

As though her tears are the subtlest perfume

As though a Nun pole dances on a Sunday

As though a fly could open windows

As though a wasp carried a tickling stick

As though gold ingots had a soft centre

As though hands could work unsupervised

As though, at night, I could put my brain in a mug of Steradent

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

As Though April 2020

Inspired by Ian McMillan

Soldier On

Worldly Winds

Oh dear… I seem to have a summer cold! How does that happen? Only one thing for it – A Duvet Day! I thought I would share this golden oldie, it always makes me smile!


Farewell cruel world,

I’m leaving you,

it’s not a cold,

I’ve got the ‘flu.

It may well be,

my final breath,

my nose is red,

I feel like death.

Please don’t mourn,

when I am gone,

go on without me…

soldier on!


© Soldier On…  03.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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Jazz Mum


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Jazz Mum


Faith, hope, and charity

love is not free

I dream of a piano

playing jazz by the sea

the snow on the apple

the lady bug eight

a circle

a tear

a flat-line



Staves in a melody

butterfly bass

caught on a fish-hook

Can’t remember your face

hiraeth is calling

a song on a breeze

red balloons falling

Aphrodite from Greece


Jazz Mum by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm 22.08.2020



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As so much emphasis is being placed on staying safe by frequent and thorough hand washing, I thought I’d share this poem acknowledging how important they are to us.
Stay safe people, and keep up the hand washing.



Hands that unpick stitches

Hands that hit or hurt

Hands that cradle babies

Hands that shovel dirt


Hands of holy worship

Hands that take a life

Hands that make a masterpiece

Or paint one with a knife


Hands that create harmony

Hands that cook a meal

Hands that speak a language

Or read on as they feel


Hands that work the fields

Hands that heal wounds

Hands that pluck upon a string

Or conduct symphonic sound


Hands that hold a champagne glass

Hands that serve up trifle

Hands that hold a sweetheart’s hand

Or hands that hold a rifle


Hands that tuck a child in

Hands that make mud pies

Hands that bear a coffin

Or mop sad tears from eyes


Hands that hold a pencil

Hands that turn a page

Hands that write down poetry

Or create a play on stage


Hands can do so many things

They serve our whole life through

For good or bad, with joy or sad

The choice is up to you.


© Hands August 2015

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

First Published in – Counting Magpies (Limited Edition) 2015


Surprise Sandwiches


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Surprise Sandwiches


One of brown sauce, one of red

One of Bovril, jam, or spread

One of lard with salt and pepper

Cheese and pickle tastes much better

Condensed milk is such a treat

Sugar soldiers can’t be beat


Take your pick and do not peek

Surprise sarnies Granddad’s treat!




© Surprise Sandwiches 19.03.2020

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


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