Counting Magpies

Counting Magpies is Alexandra’s second anthology. It is based on, ‘One for Sorrow’, the popular children’s nursery rhyme and skipping song. The theme of the book looks at superstition, longing and loss, death, betrayal, and the predicament of life.

A special limited edition is available directly from the author. The limited edition contains extra poems and is numbered and signed by the author. Please email if you would like to order the limited edition numbered and signed version.

For the regular paperback copy please follow the links below, or email the author to order a copy.

Counting Magpies

Copies are available either directly from the author – 

alternatively copies can be ordered through Amazon – follow the links below


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Counting Magpies

“Counting Magpies is a gem of a poetry anthology by a poet who is exceptionally skilled at evoking deep emotion and bright imagery for the reader. Alex Carr-Malcolm touches the heart and warms the spirit, her poems speak to me, almost as if they can see inside me and hear my own narrative on life. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed!” – JennyL


“Wonderful imagery plumbing the depths and essence of human emotion. Reflective and poignant poetry by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm.” – Polly Stretton


“Counting Magpies is an appropriate title for every poem reveals a bit of Alexandra. She speaks of nature and with words from the heart that has a personal ring. Her words are moving. In her collection of poems, she gives a different view of everyday life. I dare to say as if we were looking out of the eyes of a Magpie.

Alexandra’s collection is like a collection of memories of love, growing pains, a place called home and the struggles it took to make ends meet. She shows life’s happiness, sadness, pain and death without biting her tongue or being overly graphic though she does paint a picture with her words.” – Kimberly Floria