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Aunty Carole and Uncle Dave,

went out one night,

to a warehouse Rave!


With bobble hats,

upon their head,

they danced until,

they felt half-dead.


With neon whistles,

around their neck,

they bopped away,

they did – by ‘eck!


Around the clock,

– until half ten,

then they went,

back home again.


They made a cuppa,

took off their coats,

then snuggled up to

watch, ‘Murder She Wrote’.


Dave looked at Carole,

and with a grin,

said, ‘I’m really glad,

we didn’t stay in!’


With matching PJ’s,

and his ‘n’ her mugs,

Carole Withany,

gave him a hug!


© Carole Withany III – Rave! 16.10.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Photo Credit – Rave (Photo credit: tuxthepenguin84)