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English: An adult seagull (Larus michahellis)






One summer’s day,

they strolled by the sea,

hand holding hand,

Dave and Carole Withany.


The seagulls they circled,

and the sea it did sigh,

an idea did emerge,

as Carole watched them fly by.


She looked up to the heavens,

excited she declared,

give me 50p

and that’s your bird there!


You’ll know Dave’s own seagull,

as it soars on the wing,

with a strong Yorkshire accent,

‘ee by gum’, it will sing.


Now legend still has it,

as myth is passed down,

that Dave’s special seagull,

has been seen in this town.


Now Dave is so happy,

and watches with glee,

for his very own seagull,

that cost 50p


© Carole Withany II (Dave’s Seagull) 15.09.2012

© Carole Withany 23.08.2012 (link)

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

English: An adult seagull (Larus michahellis) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)