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Most Humorous, Senior Superlatives, Fayettevil...






I’m at the station,

feeling impatient,

wanting to get on my way.


Announcement says,

there’s been delays,

engineering works causing affray.


The platform’s changed,

I’m turning deranged,

as I sprint to platform eight.


I just catch my train,

(these connections a pain)

we finally get on our way.


A seat on my own,

I pull out my tome,

absorbed in a classic romance.


‘til the people alight,

someone sits by my side,

with ipod and ears plugged in.


I huff and I puff,

at the jangly stuff,

a tinny annoying old din.


Mr Darcy must wait,

as distracted, I hate

to gaze through the window instead.


I seethe and I fume,

unintelligible tunes,

wishing their batteries were dead!


© The i’s and Ears 02.03.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Most Humorous, Senior Superlatives, Fayetteville High School, 1960 (Photo credit: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center)