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As she whispers to herself,
her shouts become shadows,
and heartbeats chime thirteen;
the pain in her chest is not surpassed,
by the memory, of just before midnight.
Why did she stay? When all about said,
run, flee, escape, (or) you’ll rue the day.
Holding a bouquet of disdain,
she will mourn the bride,
and hide the pain.

© Alexandra Carr-Malcolm 2013


In today’s featured poem, Alex brings us into a world where the fairytale has soured. Utilising the story of Cinderella, Alex paints a poignant picture of rejection, loneliness and regret. Brief in it’s construction, but long in it’s scope, this is a poem that is very easy for the reader to identify with if they have ever experienced loss,pain and rejection (and many of us have). A truly delightful and accomplished piece from this Sheffield poet.

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