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Trivandrum, India







The irresponsible lotus,

refused to flourish or bloom,

stuck his head

right in the mud,

and waited,

for monsoon.

He wallowed and protested,

Ostrich like – he did!

Regressed, decayed, and festered,

in ignorance he hid.


‘til one day came the sunshine,

of which he couldn’t ignore,

it beamed on him,

and warmed him,

and coaxed him from the floor.

He lifted up his stubborn head,

with squinting dusty eyes,

he blinked and stretched,

and relished it,

he felt so quite alive!


The rays of warm compassion,

a catalyst did start,

the more he grew,

the more he knew,

this was meant to be.

He blossomed and he opened,

his waxy tight bud heart,

he raised his head,

toward the sky,

and it set himself apart.


No longer dwelling,

in the mud,

irresponsibly –

the sun shone strong,

and so did he,

for all around to see.

His radiance and his beauty,

apparent majesty,

admired by all who saw him,

brought calm and clarity.


The moral of this story,

may be plain to all,

of the irresponsible lotus,

who answered nature’s call.

Please never judge a lotus,

that may be stuck in mud,

it just needs a little sunshine,

to coax open,

its heart bud.


© The Irresponsible Lotus 03.03.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Trivandrum, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)