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Nereides, 1902 by Gaston Bussière
Of what do I dream,

when I close my eyes?

I dream of the sea

and the star filled skies.


From constellations above

I would fashion a crown;

a cloak from the sea

matches my moonbeam gown.


I roam in the heavens

with Arianrod and Aether.

I swim in the oceans

with Nereides beneath.


With heartbroken Sirens,

sing laments to the seas.

With Aquilo the wind

I sing songs in the breeze.


When I close my eyes,

to this earth I’m not bound.

Neither time nor dimension

can tie this soul down.



© Dreams 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Nereides, 1902 by Gaston Bussière (Photo credit: Wikipedia)