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Right to the sea
I Wish….


I have a list of dreams to fill,

before my time is through;

although they may seem fanciful,

I wish they will come true.


I want to be an artist,

on the riverbank of life.

To wear a smock and sip champagne,

whilst painting with my knife.


I want to write a book or two –

a literary success!

A story of my coloured life,

upon the library shelf.


To be a renowned poetess,

publish a rhyme or two.

To find my muse in poetry,

and fall in love with you.


I’d like to write a sad song,

that makes the toughest weep,

to be played at all the funerals,

as the coffin is lowered deep.


I want to live just by the sea,

in a white house with a view

of waves that crash upon the shores,

where I could stand with you.


Most of all, be in your arms

and spend with you some time,

gazing at the moonlit stars,

whilst sipping white chilled wine.



© I Wish 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Right to the sea (Photo credit: christing-O-)