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The penultimate piece was inspired by Alice Oswald‘s, ‘A Winged Seed’. The idea was to write a piece based on the idea of a seed, or a spore, travelling, or germinating.

A germinated seedling (Eranthis hyemalis) emer...






Enlightening Seeds


Sitting, just sitting…

waiting for illumination.

There is nothing

more that I can do,

other than…

sitting, sitting, waiting

for my head to crack open

in a cacophony of life,

shattered and broken,

to all that I am.

No longer


but waiting,

waiting for that explosion of growth,

to rip forth and pull  me from mundanity,

and thrust me upon the world;

as what?

I know not,

so I will sit,

and wait,

upon this breath,

of fresh air.


© Enlightening Seeds 21.03.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

A germinated seedling (Eranthis hyemalis) emerges from the ground (Photo credit: Wikipedia)