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Carole Withany


I have a friend,

Carole with an ‘e’,

who always,

courted tragedy.


She is the one,

that you will know,

skirt tucked in pants,

she crossed the road.


With flashing earrings –

Disco diva,

at party time,

you dare not leave her.


Across the floor,

her stuff she’ll strut,

with loo roll fluttering,

from her foot.


She plays the bagpipes,

I swear it’s true!

With cheeks bright red,

she’ll kill a tune!


If she were a colour,

I have to say,

shocking pink,

would make her day!


You know the saying…

Why’s it me?

That comes from my friend,

Carol Withany.


We all will know,

a Carole Withany,

she is the best friend,

that could ever be!


© Carole Withany 23.08.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm




Carole Withany II (Dave’s Seagull)


One summer’s day,

they strolled by the sea,

hand holding hand,

Dave and Carole Withany.


The seagulls they circled,

and the sea it did sigh,

an idea did emerge,

as Carole watched them fly by.


She looked up to the heavens,

excited she declared,

give me 50p

and that’s your bird there!


You’ll know Dave’s own seagull,

as it soars on the wing,

with a strong Yorkshire accent,

‘ee by gum’, it will sing.


Now legend still has it,

as myth is passed down,

that Dave’s special seagull,

has been seen in this town.


Now Dave is so happy,

and watches with glee,

for his very own seagull,

that cost 50p


© Carole Withany II (Dave’s Seagull) 15.09.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm




Carole Withany III – Rave!


Aunty Carole and Uncle Dave,

went out one night,

to a warehouse Rave!


With bobble hats,

upon their head,

they danced until,

they felt half-dead.


With neon whistles,

around their neck,

they bopped away,

they did – by ‘eck!


Around the clock,

– until half ten,

then they went,

back home again.


They made a cuppa,

took off their coats,

then snuggled up to

watch, ‘Murder She Wrote’.


Dave looked at Carole,

and with a grin,

said, ‘I’m really glad,

we didn’t stay in!’


With matching PJ’s,

and his ‘n’ her mugs,

Carole Withany,

gave him a hug!


© Carole Withany III – Rave! 16.10.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm




Carole Withany IV – The Holiday


Dave and Carole Withany,

set out for a holiday,

by the sea…


They loaded the car,

and packed their tent,

Said ta-ra to the neighbours,

and off they went.


The morning was bright,

and promised cheer,

with skies azure blue,

not a cloud – all was clear.


With sat nav, now primed,

and map at the ready,

the sun kissed the sky,

and the traffic was steady.


“To Cleethorpes we go!”

Carole started to cheer,

but the weather was changing,

and grey clouds did appear.


The snow did flutter,

and the wind picked up,

the clouds became greyer,

poor Dave looked fed-up.


At last they arrived,

snow covering the ground,

they unpacked the tent,

while the wind whistled round.


With Dave at one corner,

and Carole at the end,

they manoeuvred the canvas,

as the tent poles did bend.


The wind gave a gust,

they clung on for grim death,

as they ran round the field,

gasping for breath.


‘Twould make you laugh,

such a comical sight,

to see Dave and Carole,

fly a tent like a kite!


The tent it was pitched,

it was finally done!

They snuggled inside,

toes and fingers were numb.


Sat in their thermals,

gloves, scarves and a vest,

in sleeping bags huddled,

what to do for the best?


They took a deep breath,

Dave let out a groan,

they took their tent down,

and travelled back home.


© Carole Withany IV – The Holiday 01.12.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm