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The Queen sat on her regal throne,

surveying all she could see;

(but really all she wanted

was a lovely cup of tea.)


Crowds were waiting with baited breath,

the flags were all a flutter.

Cameras flashed from left to right

(Tea with scones and some butter!)


Reporters pushed and jostled the crowd;

Policeman guarded the path,

visitors cheered and children waved

(after tea, a bubble bath?)


Back home at the palace, all alone

she kicked off her royal shoes,

sank into her favourite comfy chair

(and wiggled her aching toes)


Hither and thither the corgis scamper,

pleased to be back at home –

Emma, Linnet, Holly, and Willow

(Oh for some time alone!)


The Queen was tired and went to bed,

she snuggled down to rest;

thinking of the day’s events

(My job is just the best!)


© The Queen’s Dreams 2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture credit: https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/522487994239540143/

Beryl Cook’s amusing contribution to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, ‘The Royal Couple’ featured in the Golden Jubilee Exhibition, May 2002, at Art London, Chelsea.