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English: I took this picture. Grilled cheese s...








My tea is too hot,

my tea is too cold,

my tea is too sweet,

the milk is too old.


The toast is too burnt,

it’s not brown enough,

I wanted white bread,

Oh no… not the crust!


I can’t find my jam,

the banana’s got spots,

there is no fruit knife,

the apple’s got rot!


The porridge is lumpy,

I can taste tahini,

I’ve added some milk,

and now it’s too creamy!


I’ve lost my spot,

someone else is sat there,

I wanted to sit,

in my favourite chair.


I’m trapped in a corner,

I’m sat in a draft,

I’m too near the door,

Oh! All this is daft!


I should just be grateful,

that I’m here today,

living and breathing,

the middle way.


it’s ten twenty four,

we meditate in a bit,

I stand at the door,

now where shall I sit?


This cushion’s too high,

this cushion’s too low,

this cushion’s too lumpy,

and on it goes…


© The Perfect Breakfast 24.11.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

English: I took this picture. Grilled cheese sandwich with white bread, American cheese, and tomato soup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)