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Gerber Daisy With Raindrops







Will I be changed when I go home?


Physiologically within my anatomy,

the square root of all, as follicles fall,

and even my skin, the body I’m in,

will all have aged, showing signs of decay,

the reminders that say, time is passing away.


And what of my mind, what will I find,

when I peer inside, mental chatter subsided?

Still waters run deep, has the ethical seeped,

within my being, all knowing all seeing?

Will the sky like mind be more refined?


And what of my words, will they be kindly heard?

Will they help and caress, not causing me stress?

No longer frivolous, talking of trivial stuff,

but gentle with harmony, causin’ no harm today,

encouraging and pure, where less is more.


Will I be changed when I go? I sincerely hope so.

All these ethics abound, turned my brain upside down,

which connects to my heart, from which I can start,

more subtle and deeper, universal teacher.

I can put into practice, no delusion or malice,

all the things I have learned for which my heart yearns,

and Yes! – I am changing.


© Change 30.11.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


Gerber Daisy With Raindrops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)