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Everybody needs a pair of these.







Wearing slippers,

is an old bird thing…

For when once young,

naked feet would spring,

through dew grass sweet,

and street baked heat.

As the years soon decline,

bare feet, though sublime,

our child’s heart now subdued,

we reach for comfort of our shoes.

No more feet, wet and wild,

as I did when a child.

Now I groan out of bed,

feeling old and half dead,

toasty toes hit cold floor,

then I crave for the allure,

of my slippers cosy warm,

safe from harm,

of cold chills,

and spikey ills,

that can harm footsies,

or stubbed tootsies.

Yes – I can attest,

that my slippers,

are the best!


© A Tribute to my Slippers 29.09.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Everybody needs a pair of these. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)