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Manuscript of piano trio opus 70 by L.v. Beethoven







The music of what happened,

of what could never be,

violins are playing,

my favourite melody.


The harp is in the background,

so gentle, sweet, and calm,

it’s pure and it’s emotive,

where nothing can bring harm.


The drums are the foundation,

underpinning future hopes,

solid, firm, and grounding,

cornerstone of my opus.


The strings they bring the melody,

add beauty to the score,

with soaring dreams and spires,

they lift the heart some more.


The piano brings the drama,

prophetic highs and lows,

it sets the mood of symphony,

accompanying the woes.


Do not forget the brass section,

significant in their part,

they bring the vocal cheekiness,

to complete the work of art.


My orchestra is now complete,

to play out my concerto,

each instrument a part of me,

my audible fiasco!



© Opus to Alex 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Manuscript of piano trio opus 70 by L.v. Beethoven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)