Worldly Winds


Veiled in anonymity,

hidden from the world to see,

living out my life I’m never known.

Feeling that I don’t belong;

you all sing a different song,

quietly I slip on by unseen.

As the moon its teardrops cry,

each a star lights up the sky,

as it hears my heartbreak every night.

One day though I will belong,

you will hear my siren’s song,

ring throughout the universe unbound.

Until then I’m here to stay,

writing with my words I play,

poets sybarite will haunt my heart.

© Sybarites 28.10.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture credit – unknown – if you are the owner and wish for the picture to be removed please contact me, likewise if you are the owner and wish to be credited, please provide details and I will happily add the credit.


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