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I am waiting for my turn.

Playing the game,

forever stuck.

Do not pass GO,

do not collect £200.


I am waiting to see the blue Angel,

to battle the red square,

stroll down Park Lane

and stay a while…

at the Mayfair.


I am waiting for my Chance,

my, Get Out of Jail Free,

the bank error in my favour,

to win second place in – anything,

my inheritance.



I go back three spaces,

make general repairs to my green house,

pay my taxes – that’s fine,

for Doctor’s fee – read prescription.


I’m done with waiting!

Do I pay a £10 fine,

or take a Chance,

or do I wait –

two die?



© The Waiting Game 28.12.14

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Picture credit:http://www.playbuzz.com/laurawhite11/which-british-monopoly-square-are-you