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Here’s a silly one I wrote a couple of years ago – and guess what – we are going back to Devon…. in a Chalet! Should be a fun week as hubby and I are both ill, eldest son is not happy as there is no wifi connection, so in essence I am ruining his social life and love life!! Only my youngest is up for this trip! Hopefully it may inspire a few more poems! See you all in a week!!


I’m back from Devon,

I really am!

We stayed in a tent –

not a caravan!


They said it’d be cold,

I didn’t believe ‘em,

now I want to go home,

to my central heating.


The tent was fun,

it really was!

I really enjoyed it,

despite the frost.


The night was long,

we had power cuts;

we couldn’t do owt,

it drove us nuts!


The rain lashed down,

and the winds were a fright.

We sat and played Black Jack

on a cold, dark camp site.


I hated the night time,

I really did!

It was so flippin’ noisy,

sleep? – God forbid!


For hours at a time

the little ones whinged.

All the drunks they sang songs,

whilst the sober ones cringed.


Early morning was quiet.

No – I lied,  it was not!

The babies would bawl

to get out of their cot.


The mud was fun

as we took down the tent;

the rain not so much,

and I started to vent!


A six hour trip

and now we are near.

Was it all worth it –

shall we do it next year?



© Camping Capers 2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


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