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I saw it in the playground,

when I was only three,

the hula-hoop of hindrance,

resting by a tree.


It was pretty, pink, and sparkly,

with unicorns and glitter,

it even had, ‘go faster’ stripes,

so I could hula quicker.


I put it ‘round my tiny waist,

and hula’d round the yard,

little did I realise,

that it would make life hard.


I learned to love my hula-hoop,

though I was only four,

when I went to bed at night,

I’d leave it by the door.


I realised when I was five

(and also at aged six)

that I had been quite naïve

my hula habit fixed


This went on – my dearest friends,

throughout my adult life,

attachment to my hula-hoop,

caused me so much strife.


When cooking in the kitchen,

and trying to eat my dinner,

my hula hoop got in the way,

and I just grew much thinner.


and when I met my boyfriend,

I’d hula-hoop for joy,

but holding hands whilst hula-ing,

well… the romance is destroyed.


When I went upon retreat,

there was no problem there;

for there were many hula hoops,

that we could swap and share!


Then,  Maitripala gave a talk,

about the hula habit,

if we can see the gateway….

the freedom’s there, so grab it!!


One day I hope my hula-hoop,

will rest against that tree,

and if you choose to have a go,

it’s going, gratis, free!!


© The Hula-Hoop of Hindrance 17.06.2014

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Photo Credit: Photo By Fotolia/Stockshoppe