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Christmas in the post-War United States









I am the festive lodger,

pushed from pillar to post.

Always someone else’s Christmas,

fake smiles to a congenial host.


I’m as shafted as the fairy,

stuck on an artificial tree;

outsider looking inwards,

mourning my family.


I am the bedsit teen Queen,

as I celebrate alone,

Satsuma tears and Baileys cheers,

and Christmas pud for one.


I open up your present,

somewhere you sip Champagne,

a cheap acrylic jumper,

and a card with misspelled name.


Noddy screams, ‘it’s Christmas!’

Sinatra croons away,

a miracle on 34th,

saved by Jonah’s cavalry.


I am your inconvenience,

you left when I was twelve,

destined to be a lodger,

condemned to festive hell.


© Satsuma Tears 11.12.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)