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Stars over Sea





Bury my heart upon the hill,

So I can count the stars,

deafened by my silent rage,

the world’s a critic and life’s a stage,

you sent me to an early grave,

to dance with my daemons,

in a barbed wedding gown,

you broke my crown,

and lowered me down,

so I can haunt the stars.

How dare you call my name,

when you are broken too,

more damaged and fragile than I,

I hope I made you cry,

in that balmy summertime,

occupy my body and mind,

I’ll bury my heart on the hill,

so I can dream of the stars.


Dedicated to my dear cousin Alan – may you rest in peace – you will be missed, I hope you can dance with the stars.

© Counting the Stars  10.02.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Stars over Sea (Photo credit: overgraeme)