Here is an older poem that I thought could do with an airing!

Worldly Winds













Cold cruel sea, mocking and teasing.

Ice flows through your veins;

no compassion – thought or deed,

You are filled with your world – selfish ways.


I can no longer steer my boat upon you,

nor dock upon your shores.

I have no desire to swim within,

or fight your foolish wars.


I long to be free, to be free like the Gull

to fly high to the warmth of the sun.

Escape far away from your cruel cold swell,

how I long for that day to come.


But like my boat, I’m weighed with anchor,

an anchor bound with chains.

I hope that one day I’ll break free and fly,

away from these worldly pains


‘til then I’m chained and I’m grounded,

slave to your wax and your wane;

my hatred and fears…

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