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"ODDS NIPPERKINS! cried Mother Bunch on h...








My heart it is broken,

my head is a mess,

my soul it is injured,

I’m still me, none the less.


I had a good go,

at living this life,

I’ve endured the woes,

and the troubles, and strife.


I’ve played by the rules,

and I’ve learned the hard way,

from the school of hard knocks,

but I never did stray.


Oh! I played it so safe…

wore my goody two shoes,

the obedient girl,

see my halo shine through?


Now, I stamp down my foot,

and the gloves they are off,

just watch this worm turn,

‘cause enough is enough!


I’ve polished my broomstick,

and I’m ready to fly,

the halo has gone,

as I take to the sky.


© Highs and Woes  28.08.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

“ODDS NIPPERKINS! cried Mother Bunch on her broomstick” for the letter o in Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)