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The main gatehouse of Harlech Castle. The step...
What should I do?

When your words are law,

and you lie to me,

whilst living a fantasy.


I love to hear,

your romanticised tales,

your charisma and charm,

full of dangers that harm.


You’re rarely here –

gone for days at a time,

but I’m eagerly hoping

that you’ll come home soon.


So I wait in this castle,

alone and afraid;

the hunger it rages,

it goes on for days.


You call me your Princess,

and you are the King.

Your court it protects you –

you do what you want to.


You banished the Queen

in such a cruel way,

with lies and with hatred,

she’s forbidden to see me.


You call me names,

and you made me ashamed.

You’re meant to protect,

not hurt and neglect.


I am but a child.

I am only twelve.

Your Princess, your daughter,

why would you hurt me?


Your kingdom was cruel,

and your realm it was strong;

but the day that you died,

it fell with your lies.



© King 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


The main gatehouse of Harlech Castle. The steps were originally a drawbridge. As well as this formidably defended entrance, the castle also had a fortified dock so that it could be supplied by sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)