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I’m sat in my favourite place

and nobody knows I’m here.

I’m hiding from the world

and allowing my mind to clear.


I’m sat in a comfy chair

while the world is bustling around,

I’m watching life at its best;

sat thinking, not making a sound.


My phone is set to silent.

I’m invisible for a while,

I sip my tea whilst pondering –

I’m happy, I gently smile.


Up the spiral wooden stairs

is where I like to be;

It’s my very special, precious, space,

and I’m keeping it secret for me!


© Hiding 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

The Tulip Stairs and lantern at the Queen's Ho...

The Tulip Stairs and lantern at the Queen's House in Greenwich by Inigo Jones. The first centrally unsupported stairs constructed within the first wholly classical building in England. Français : Les Escaliers Tulipe et leur verrière dans la maison de la reine à Greenwich dessinés par Inigo Jones. Ces escaliers sont les premiers sans support central et se trouvent dans le premier bâtiment réellement classique en Angleterre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)