I will be taking part in Brave the Shave for Macmillan on 21st September. I have lost a lot of beautiful people in my family to cancer. The pictures below show some of those no longer with us. I miss them all very dearly.

I am so delighted to have raised £195, and there is still a week to go! Big, big thank you’s to all who have donated!

You can donate by clicking on either picture to take you to the Macmillan charity page, or you can contact me directly and either pay by paypal, bacs, or in person!

Alex 🙂 xxxx

I Am Doing This For You


I remember you…

Your tiny frame full of fearlessness,

teaching the universe,

the ways of the warrior.


We met in the church choir;

I was eight and you were six.

I am white and you were black,

already born to fight life’s prejudice.


Even then I was frightened;

cancer had claimed so many,

but they were old,

and you were six.


Do you remember the wedding?

Suited and booted, in cassock and gown,

you lifted your wig,

and the horror it caused.


I was only eight,

but I prayed for days and nights,

that God would give me your cancer,

and let you live…

He never did.


I heard your story, at the end,

it hurt for you to be held,

your mummy and daddy wept

whilst you comforted them.


You asked them not to cry,

and you said you’d be alright.

You never came back to choir.

Not long after, you died.


It was at this very time,

I stopped believing in God,

he never answered my prayer,

your prayer, or theirs.


I still remember you…

your tiny frame full of fearlessness,

and how we giggled as girls,

when you doffed your wig to the world.


© I am doing this for you 16.06.2014

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm



I Am Doing This For You II


I am doing this for you,

and for those who never made it,

those who fell by the wayside,

and those who simply gave up.

I am doing this for you,

so I can hold your hand

and be a bigger vessel,

to hold the pain and tears.

I am doing this for you,

to be the one gone forth,

because by doing it for you,

I am doing it for myself too.



© I am doing this for you II 09.04.2015

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


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