Worldly Winds

The next few poems were written on a poetry day. The first poem is inspired from R.S.V.P. by Beverley Nadin. The task was to write a list of items that we packed to take on our last retreat, and then include some of them in a poem. This was my attempt 🙂

Bell, Virginia Woolf

Three books,

one red, one blue, one black,

Poetry, Dharma and Drama.

A pencil and pen,

backed up with a spare,

(thank God for my Kindle!)

and a brush for my hair.

My potions and pills,

(no nightie with frills)

Just good solid thermals!

Pyjamas and socks

squashed in a bag,

and no need for locks,

as I’m escaping to freedom;

leave humdrum at home.

I’m longing for space,

and a room of one’s own.

©Three Books 10.03.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Bell, Virginia Woolf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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