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It has been an intense start to 2016 with the loss of many fine people. I wrote this poem for the 30th anniversary of the death of Phil Lynott. This poem is not only for the celebrities, let us not forget that everyday people are losing loved ones.

Roseberry Hare

When you left,

you took us all with you,

the old, the young,

the Saints and the Sinners.

A gaping chasm,

left in your wake.

Three decades of grief,

the tides of loss,

your fall from grace,

as you plummeted us all,

into oblivion.

Yet – you shine brighter,

and more fierce,

than any star,

I’ve ever seen.


© Night Star

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm 03.04.15

Picture Credit : This picture is by one of my favourite artists Janice Foley (click on her name to visit her page). She also has a facebook page The Roseberry Hare – (click on the link to visit the page where you can buy her beautiful artwork).