This is one of my poems. Thank you Silver Birch Press 🙂

Silver Birch Press

Carr-MalcolmAlexandra David-Néel
by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

We walked the same walk, along the same path,
the middle one, showing the way.
Travelled beyond the stars, to a life without bars,
no run-of-the-mill protégée.

An affinity to trees, writing anarchist treatise,
both maternally shunned in our prime.
You travelled the world, whilst I stayed at home,
both women misplaced out of time.

Born ninety-seven years and one day before me,
we share more than a Scorpius sting.
Through our Buddhist eyes, we gazed on the world,
with opera and poetry we sing.

PHOTO: (Left) Alexandra Carr-Malcolm, aged 19; (right) Alexandra David-Néel, 19th Century.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Alexandra David-Néel was a colourful character who was born on 24th October 1868. She was a Belgian-French explorer, opera singer, anarchist, spiritualist, Buddhist, and writer. Not only did she meet the 13th Dalai-Lama, but she also managed to visit Tibet when entry to Tibet…

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