This is one of my favourite poems 🙂

Three Drops from a Cauldron

Le Lièvre de la Lune

‘Twas the night of full moon which was creamy and round,
four friends hatched a plot, offering food they had found,
to the venerable monks transcendent to bliss,
and providing them alms, so no merit they’d miss.

First went the otter down to the banks,
finding several dead fish that were old and smelled rank,
he collected the fish and enquired with glee,
“Are these anyone’s fish? No? Now they belong to me!”

Next came the Jackal quite sleek, strong, and sly,
he snook in a house where he did espy,
an old yoghurt pot, and his luck was abound ,
‘cause there in the corner a dead gecko he found.

He sniffed at the air and whispered with care,
“Are these vitals yours? Is anyone there?”
Then quick on his foot, he picked up the pot,
stuffed the gecko inside it, and off he…

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