Worldly Winds

English: Title: "Fairies Looking Through ...

Never trust a faerie,

‘tho pretty they may seem,

for when you are not looking,

they swear, and spit, and scream.

Do not be fooled by faerie’s,

their legendry looks well known,

they are not sweet, like in the books,

so please do not be thrown.

Depicted as the sweetest sight,

with wings that flitter and flutter,

dresses made of gossamer,

they melt your heart like butter.

It’s little known that faeries bite,

or that they would cause harm;

please don’t blame the insects,

for that nip upon your arm.

With golden curls that tumble down,

around their tiny frame,

with mischief and with sabotage,

the faeries are to blame.

When things go wrong around the house,

you know they are at play,

they wreck your plans, and break your things,

and ruin a good day.

You may think it is admirable,

they collect teeth from your mouth,

but how…

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