With an impending election – I thought this was worth another airing 🙂

Worldly Winds

Pit head silhouette

Iconic charming history,

repeats the sad refrain,

as, once more, we get screwed over,

we sing along again;

the blues echo a doleful tune,

and strike the same discord,

man mines the depths of misery,

bank on, fools, gold reward!

We steel ourselves with loyalty,

patriotic to the ends,

whilst red skies scream solemnity,

we bend our plastic friends.

Ironic charnel history,

repeats the shame, refrain,

prepare to get screwed over,

as we sing along in vain.

© Striking the Blues 08.01.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Pit head silhouette (Photo credit: alastairb)


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