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I am so delighted to have won second place in Dagda Publishing’s Homecoming competition.

The write up is spot on too!

I wrote this poem whilst on retreat. Every morning, whilst meditating, the geese would fly off to a nearby lake, and in the evenings I would hear them returning back to their roost. The sight and sound of them was magical and primal.

Towards the end of the retreat I started to think about the journey home. Myself and friends heading back home to Yorkshire, (the North), full of hope, expectation and viewing the world with new eyes.

You can see the full poem by clicking the link below –


Thank you very much to Dagda Publishing for awarding me second place, I am thrilled and giddy! Please take a moment to check out their page as they do showcase some great writers and poets regularly on their site.












Photo credit:Β Found on thevintaquarian.comΒ  Pinterest