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Wow – now that NaPoWriMo14 is at an end I’m feeling a little bereft!

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who dropped by, read, liked, or left comments. I am stunned to see that my views have now shot up to over 30,800, so thanks everyone for visiting and supporting my page, it is very much appreciated.

I have had a great month visiting the sites of other writers and poets, which has truly entertained and inspired me 🙂

What next?

I will be working on the editing of my second anthology (the clue is in the picture). I have lots of work to sort through to decide which poems make it to the book, and which ones get the chop – never an easy decision! So… if all goes quiet, you will know I am busy wading through poems and consuming copious amounts of biscuits and tea, my sanity kept intact by having my ipod on shuffle.

I will be dropping by from time to time – wish me luck – see you on the other side!


Alex 🙂


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