…and another reblog – especially for my first love 🙂

Worldly Winds

Teddy Bear
I held you tight

and clung to you,

my love for you untold.

I stared into you deep brown eyes,

my heart was yours to hold.

So soft to touch,

I kept you close,

I kissed your furry ears.

My love, my friend, my confidante,

my darling teddy bear.

You shared my secrets,

calmed my fears,

as you watched over me.

You’ve watched me grow over the years,

a birthday gift at three.

You stood by me,

in hours of need,

and protected me at night.

When I was ill, you’d comfort me,

and soothe me ‘til the light.

I cried for you,

and made a fuss,

my teddy bear most dear;

hanging wet upon the line,

one peg upon each ear.

We’ve had our scrapes,

both you and me,

but survived them none the less;

the time the dog played tug o’ war…

but I sewed back your head.

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