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Ringing the changes supplementing slave wages,

falling down sheds mark an era that’s dead.

Working class men with a tab and a pint,

punching the clock as their bird takes flight.

Banding and tagging the old boys are lagging,

as technology brings the changes to win.

Racing the homer with nothing odd to see,

squab, Ilion song as their ancestors fly free,

smoke grey flight over cooling tower industry,

rambling and racing as the voyageurs dance here.

Northern man’s soul – more than a fancier.

Loftier heights view the world of the skies edge,

new hope in full bloom dispels shadows of old gloom,

bygone Steelers nurturing tomorrow’s youth squeakers,

as they reach for the stars, in plumed aviation

Columbidae class reaches point liberation.


© Cuthbert Bank 18.01.2014

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm