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When you were wrenched
from me by Death,
the unceasing rain drenched
my very being;
the nights of winds wild,
unsettled my soul.
No longer a child,
your heart left a whole.
Dreams half formed and turbid,
barbed and bound with
memories coherent and vivid,
reliving the dying embers of life,
orphaned words held hostage
to overwhelming inadequacies.
Reviling flames of rage,
and the significance of
the underlying situation;
a futile recreation.

© Alexandra Carr-Malcolm 2013


Todays featured poem from Alex is a tale of tragedy. Shot through with imagery of sadness, death, depression and the elemental force of nature, Alex weaves a story of heartbreak and loss. A clever use of alliteration courses through this, piece, and the imagery invoked tell of the emotional storm of the subjects loss. A worthy piece, deserving of several reads to delve into the meanings within.

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