Worldly Winds

English: Sca Fell massif from north of Wastwater.







The mossy skin of stark stone walls,

a breath of clouds in a cold October sky,

the haunting call of the hovering kestrel.

The bleak love affair with the unyielding Peaks.


The tangled sheep huddled against the cold North wind,

wool kissed barbs of boundaries breeched,

the wandering yew abandoned on the verge of betrayal.

The dark love affair with the relentless Peaks.


Sca Fell, Peaks probe the gloomy skies,

the bursting spring cascades to punish rocks beneath,

purple rinse resilience of old heather hair.

The stark love affair with the unwieldy Peaks.


Shadows play hide and seek with rocks and hills.

The mournful cry of an old church bell

calls back the congregation of fallen sheep,

to worship the affair with pagan Peaks.


The low slung fog smothers both road and fell,

hushed tones hold the secrets of the…

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