I’ve just ordered my copy 🙂
How exciting 😀

Dagda Publishing

Well, here we are, on another release day. Thinkulations is now available for purchase in paperback and Kindle formats. Follow the links below to get a copy for yourself.

Our first collected works by a single author, this is a collection of 50 poems by Paul D Hegginson spanning the last ten years.

Included in this collection are poetic treatises on life, love, the nature of existence, the metaphysical world, nature, and the soul of the poet. This is, simply, a beautifully crafted world of words captured in time and space. An essential collection of poetry by this exciting new author.

Featuring cover artwork by the amazing Lucy Hartshorn, with cover typsetting by A D Warr, and edited by Reg Davey.

Paperback will cost you £4.00 + p&p and the ebook is priced at £3.08, which we feel is highly reasonable (and probably the cost of a coffee at Starbucks…

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