OpenLinkNight ~  Week 82 On 21st December 2011 a shy, middle-aged man from Scotland crept nervously into the dVerse Poets Pub, dropped a link into Mr Linky for the first time and then snuck quietly out again, stopping only long enough to leave a comment and then read a few of the poems that others had posted before he’d plucked up enough courage to add his to the list. Four people followed him out, read his poem and left comments on his blog –

and from that moment I was hooked.

Now, just 15 months later, it is my pleasure to welcome you – one and all – to the pub for Open Link Night 83. I don’t know exactly what we’ll be serving up tonight – that depends entirely on what you choose to bring – but I do know there’ll be poetry, and lots of it. Most likely there’ll be responses to…

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