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558978_376214779138008_466651278_nOh how exciting!

This is the book in which two of my poems are being published! I feel, ‘proper’, famous!

The details are below, should you wish to purchase the very reasonably priced book! I have been privileged to have a sneak preview and it is a little bit fabulous, with some amazingly talented writers!

The following are details from Dagda Publishing

Well, we are very happy to announce that the print edition of our anthology of new and contemporary poetry “The Road Less Travelled” is now available for purchase through the Lulu.com bookstore: Link here!

The print version costs £3.50 (or local currency equivalent), a very reasonable price for a collection of 38 of the finest poems by contemporary writers about today, and takes 3-5 days to ship (okay, so we miss out on Christmas, but hey – late Christmas present, people).

One last thing. If you do get a copy, please take 10 minutes of your time to bung us back a review on the site you got it from. Cheers!

For Kindle versions the link is,

Amazon UK

Amazon US