Dagda Publishing

So, some of you may know this, some will not (hey there, we publish poetry!! Send us your poetry!!), but we have now completed the editing process on our new anthology “The Road Less Travelled”, a collection of contemporary poetry by new authors on the subject of the metaphysical side of our experience.

This is a pre-announcement post to say that tonight (it’s 1am over here in the UK) we shall be announcing the release date for this anthology, and we shall most likely be revealing the cover artwork by the very talented A D Warr, who also has a poem in the anthology (Piano).

So, basically, follow us for more information, and to catch the announcement tonight (you know you want to… Poetry!!). We also regularly publish new poetry, so if you are an aspiring poet, send your stuff to us at dagdapublishing@hotmail.co.uk

… Poetry!!

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