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the stockings were hung by the...tv stand






I see an old lady,

and I think of you –

enjoying her garden,

as so should you


Tinsel and fairy lights,

I really miss you;

coloured stockings hang,

each a memory from you.


Then comes the summer,

and I mourn for you,

for all the lost days,

and the things we can’t do.


When I hear a joke,

I want to tell you,

to laugh like two schoolgirls,

‘til tears wet cheeks through.


Each birthday ticks by,

I wait for your card,

I know it won’t come,

but it still hits me hard.


When I see an old lady,

it seems so unfair,

‘cause you’ll never grow old,

no stick, no grey hair.


When I see an old lady,

with daughter at side,

I think to myself,

That should be I…


© I Think of You 25/08/2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

the stockings were hung by the…tv stand (Photo credit: LizMarie_AK)