I have been nominated for the Commentator award by Naima http://thesubterraneanworld.wordpress.com Thank you Naima! Please take a moment to check out her poetry, she is a beautiful blogger with a beautiful spirit.

I have many people to thank for serving their time by reading my posts regularly and providing me with a feedback that keeps me on a track of improvement. I try my level best to assure quality on my blog and hence your comments are a milestone. I cherish their support and confidence in me. The commentators who have been actively participating in providing me with feedback go as follows:

My nominees are

1. Polly ย ย http://journalread.wordpress.com/

2. Wendy http://wendystrohm.wordpress.com/

3. David http://thoughtsfromtheoutdoors.wordpress.com/

4. Anne ย http://mylifeuncutalmost.wordpress.com/

Please accept my apologies if you do not participate in awards. I just like to pass on bloggers links so others can enjoy your work as much as I do!