I wish I could, I wish I would,

I wish I could let rip,

for all those hurtful words you said,

and all those things you did.


I keep it locked away so tight,

too lady like and proper.

I keep it bottled up inside,

I don’t uncork the stopper.


I never rant and rave at all,

I never flip my lid.

I’ve never raised my voice enough,

sometimes I wish I did.


To have a good old rant or two,

fly into some hell rage,

to make the air turn thick and blue,

but I’m so well behaved….


I should have screamed the house right down,

thrown crockery at you,

I should have given you what for,

and told you where to go!


Alas I’m not that kind of girl,

to lash you with my tongue,

or leave a flea within your ear,

and scream that you are wrong.


I was brought up so properly,

with ladylike demeanour,

to not tell you, ‘I told you so’,

and point out the misdemeanour.


© I Told You So 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm